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5 Moves to Sculpt Your Entire Body

Take the guesswork out of your workouts by grabbing this freebie! I demonstrate 5 of my most powerful moves that will sculpt your back/shoulders, core, butt & thighs – no equipment needed! 

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5 Components of a Successful Exercise Session

Add these 5 components to 80% of your workouts and watch yourself achieve fitness results faster!


Proper Exercise Form

Grab your free 13 page (yes, 13 informative pages, my friend!), step-by-step guide on establishing proper exercise form! Without correct exercise form & technique, your workouts are near ineffective. Gain max benefits now with this freebie!


Build Your Health Foundation

Define your obstacles, or core root struggle, that is keeping you from achieving your fitness + nutrition related goals. Learn to build a solid health foundation, and watch yourself progress towards success!