Certified Personal Training for Women 40+

Combating sedentary lifestyles for women 40+ with realistic & individualized approaches to fitness

Well hello there, I'm Shannon!

I build individualized fitness & nutrition roadmaps for women 40+ that increases muscle strength, creates a healthier relationship with food, and enhances emotional energy.

My mission is to provide you with realistic and attainable strategies, unlimited education, and endless support that will work for you.

Feel strong & energized...

My core feels stronger, my shoulders and upper body feel stronger. Her cues helped me make sure I was feeling the exercise where I should be feeling it. She’s a real person who knows we are real people, who like a little wine now and then! And it’s okay!

- Joanna, Glenwood, MN

Proper exercise form is the key to fitness success

Without proper exercise form and execution, your workouts are near ineffective. Learn how to execute each exercise properly, avoid injury, and gain max benefits from each workout.  

Move a little. Move a lot. Move fast. Move slow. Just move!

Cardio training is important, but you need more!

After age 40, one of your main fitness goals will need to be increasing lean muscle mass. By doing so, you’ll burn more calories at rest, experience less pain & increase energy levels.

Here’s a 5 minute upper body video with exercises that can be completed anywhere, multiple times a day.


Your story is unique. Let's treat your health the same way!

No one individual is the same. Our family, genetics, work and personal life, our goals, physical activity level, and exercise knowledge are all different. Each program I create will be tailored to just that. On your schedule.

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After a month of following a plan, I am seeing food and my body differently.  I have been focused on my weight and desiring weight loss most of my life.  Now I am attempting to focus on eating whole, natural foods including some carbs (gasp!).  I am eating and enjoying more fruits and water.  I plan to continue on this path along with my strength training and other exercises that have been set up for me!

- Kelly, Duluth, MN