Well hello there, I'm Shannon Polson!


I’ve been a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach for 15 years working with women 40 and over to establish realistic and attainable habits that work for them long-term. I managed and personal trained in a Wellness Center located within a hospital for 12 years, and finally branched out on my own 3 years ago; it’s been an incredible journey and the best decision I’ve ever made! I’m a momma to three fur babies living in Minnesota near beautiful Lake Superior, running enthusiast, craft beer lover, and an aspiring indoor gardener. 

One item that I’ve become aware of and accustomed to over the years, is that there’s a lot of outside noise when it comes to the fitness and diet industry. I see companies preying on diet culture, weight loss, and making women feel less-than. Everyday there’s a new diet that reaches the charts guaranteeing fast weight loss, or the latest fitness trend that will pledge shredded fat to get you back into your highschool jeans. They advertise and market promising body transformations that will lead to a lifetime of happiness. This is not only an isolating experience, but a phenomenon that I finally became aware of in my mid-twenties. As I began to crawl out of this energy-sucking way of life, I felt discouraged that I wasted so much time and energy in a lifestyle that I thought I needed to live, but only made me feel worse about myself time and time again. Now that I’m on the outside looking in, I see how our diet culture is impacting so many different women, in so many different capacities. I no longer feel ashamed about my past journey. If anything, I feel blessed to have made my way out of what seemed like a never-ending spiral. I am able to help women build a well-balanced body through proper movement techniques, assist in creating a healthier relationship with food, and enhance emotional wellness and energy for peaceful thought patterns, all while celebrating the big and small wins of your journey! 

One dynamic that will always be held tried and true, is that no one individual is the same. We all have a story and we all face various obstacles. Our family, genetics, work and personal life, our goals, physical activity level, and exercise knowledge are all different. I am here to find strategies that work for you. No more quick fixes, unicorns, or magic beans. I live and breathe each day to create individualized roadmaps for women that will allow them to achieve long-term health success.

I will be with you every step of the way with unlimited education and support!