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In-Home Personal Training

‘I was so excited to find Shannon was available to come to my home once a week to get me back in my routine.  She has programs designed for my needs and also gives me programs to do during the week.  She takes the time to set up programs that are varied and that benefit me to work toward my goals. She is also very encouraging and helpful with any questions I have whether it’s about exercise or nutrition.  She has brought the fun back to exercising and I look forward to her cheerful attitude every week.’

- Nancy L., Proctor, MN

Virtual Personal Training

‘I have been working with Shannon for about 6-7 months. I was working out on my own for years and I’ve seen such a difference working with her in my body and strength level. Things I couldn’t really seem to accomplish at the same level on my own. I specifically wanted to create a program around my low back issues and she’s been great! Adjusting exercises as needed and always accommodating my feedback. She is always responsive to texts and emails. We meet via zoom once a week and she programs me for 4 additional days. My back has been feeling so much better AND I am seeing progress. Something that eluded me before! I am excited to see what the next six months bring.’

- Anne M., St. Cloud, MN

Outdoor Personal Training

‘I am very pleased with the service I receive from Shannon. She is very personable and encouraging to keep me motivated with the weekly workouts. She is knowledgeable on how to make adjustments to the exercises to tailor them to my capabilities any given week. Her fees are very reasonable.’

- Patty S., Superior, WI

In-Home Personal Training

‘I had a great time and learned a ton in even one session! I got to learn new things and have a professional critique of my form. I’m excited to learn more. I should have done this a long time ago!!!’

- Kelly C., Duluth, MN

In-Home Personal Training

‘I started working with Shannon over a year ago. It is one of the best decisions that I have made for myself. My body was going through some big changes and I needed help. I had two separate friends who suggested that I contact the personal trainer they were working with. It turned out that they were both working with Shannon. I contacted her and set up an initial meeting. Shannon asked me some questions and really listened to me. We set some goals and Shannon made a plan that was designed just for me to reach those goals. I chose to meet with her weekly so she could monitor my progress. I prefer to meet with her in person but sometimes it is easier to meet virtually through Zoom. I found out that Shannon is flexible and easy to work with.
I have made great gains in the past year which means that Shannon consistently evaluates my abilities and designs exercises to reach my goals. I am very grateful that friends recommended Shannon. She has made a HUGE difference in my life. I have always been an active person and with Shannon’s guidance I can continue to be active and enjoy life again.’

- Linda B. Superior, WI

In-Home Personal Training

‘Shannon’s training program has been a great addition to my weekly routine. She understands what my needs are and tailors the programs to help ensure I get a great workout in that works with my busy family and work schedule! Bonus is even my kids find it fun to work out with my wife and me!’ 

- Tim S., Esko, MN

In-Business Personal Training

Professional. Convenient. Tailor-made. Flexible. Confidential. Fun. Variety. Personable. Accountable. Budget-friendly. These are words I would use to describe the service I have received from Shannon of Reps & Sets Fitness. I have tried fitness centers in the past and worked with their personal trainers. After some time, I lost interest. Shannon has kept my attention and motivates me to go the extra second, the extra rep.

- Patty S., Superior, WI

Walk This Weigh Review

After a month of following Walk this Weigh I am seeing food and my body differently.  I have been focused on my weight and desiring weight loss most of my life.  Now I am attempting to focus on eating whole, natural foods including some carbs (gasp!).  I am eating and enjoying more fruits and water.  I plan to continue on this path along with my strength training and other exercises Shannon set up for me!

- Kelly D., Duluth, MN

Walk This Weigh Review

Walk this Weigh has been great for me! my goals were to drink more water and eat one fruit a day. I was able to meet my goals with Shannon’s encouragement and knowledge. I have been able to continue with these little life changes which is the best goal ever! Thanks Shannon!

- Barb R., Duluth, MN

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